Background information about Bob Milliken, Owner and Operator of Welcome Home Inspections

The start of my career

I began my real estate career as a residential appraiser in 1998. It’s a numbers job and I was a numbers guy so it fit me like a glove. Over the years I began to realize I wasn’t just a number cruncher but that I enjoyed talking to people about their homes. I mean really talking. Their past experiences with houses and their future prospects always seemed to get me talking a bit more than the “Value” angle of my job did. 

A downturn in the market forced me to move on to a desk job in 2007 still doing real estate, but on the commercial side. In my spare time I went into business ventures rehabbing houses. This took me from the “numbers and hypotheticals” to actually taking houses apart and rebuilding them from the studs. The things I have seen and learned from doing this made me hyper aware of the job of the home inspector. More than a couple of times I thought to myself “I wish I would have known about that before I bought it”. 

A new focus

So I continued on my track in real estate and got into home inspecting. Now I feel like what I do actually helps homeowners with the information they REALLY need. Let me go into that potential home with you and look around, talk with you about it, and figure out what you might run into BEFORE you buy it. Having a professional inspector usually gives you some bargaining power and I want to make sure you get the deal you want as well as the home you want.

Call me today at 816-935-1233 if you need a home inspection by a certified home inspector. I serve Pleasant Hill, Lee’s Summit, and the entire Kansas City metropolitan area. You can also schedule online or simply contact us with questions you may have about the process.